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Review- The Babysitter

As we all know Netflix are currently making their own movies and shows now and what I always find is that they are very hit and miss; you never quite know which way it is going to go. Well in knowing that Netflix either make something really good or really bad I have been putting off watching this one for quite some time. The premise of the movie kind of reminded me of a more adult version of the classic movie Home Alone. Cole’s parents are out of town and his quite stunning babysitter takes over for the weekend but as Cole later discovers she is part of a sadistic Satanic cult. It is a tale of survival for Cole as he battles these prepubescent teens who have a thirst for blood. The story is well thought out but honestly the movie is kind of cheesy, there are a lot of comedic moments and although this at times makes for an excellent movie it sometimes takes away from the horror aspect. All in all it was easy to connect with the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Honestly despite this being a horror movie the great one liners from King Bach kept me amused as the comedy flowed. I recommend watching this but do not go in if you are looking for a pure Horror movie

We give this movie 7/10 It is a good all around movie but lost points for the mere fact that it felt like more of a comedy than a horror; still an excellent watch and made for a very interesting movie.

Game Review- Resident Evil Remastered

So this year with the release of both Resident Evil: Final Chapter and the game Resident Evil 7, I have been on a real Resident Evil kick. I recently re-watched all of the movies in the series and once that was over with I really wanted more. The desire for Resident Evil was burning up inside me so I decided to get on the trusty XBOX ONE for my fix and to my joy discovered that they had re-mastered the original game for a new era of game players, I was ecstatic and instantly cracked out the credit card to make my purchase. The game took a little while to install but I sat patiently sipping my coffee until the install finished (who am I kidding; I couldn’t wait to play).

After what seemed like hours, the game was ready. It had the Original load screen that I remembered from possibly twenty years ago but the cut scenes were much crisper and obviously had been completely remade. The game still had the same eerie effect on me as it did the first time around. You don’t see any monsters at all really in the first part of the game, just sounds and that really spooked the hell out of me. The original game was a masterpiece and this was living up to it’s reputation.  The game developers did not adapt any of the game mechanics, making the game incredibly difficult as it once was with really sketchy camera angles and when you add in the fact that you can’t run and shoot at the same time; decision making is key. When I did finally run into a Zombie it killed me and Xbox cleverly have an achievement titled- Better get use to it! Never a truer statement, this one could take me months but I will keep you guys updated.

We rate this 7/10 This game is great for a little bit of nostalgia and an absolute classic but when compared to more modern games with better game engines and game mechanics you run the risk of getting bored with it.


Event- Menstruatin With Satan

This is a very unique event being held by the Satanic Temple in Seattle and we think it is a great idea. The event is a Cabaret show that will be sporting several different acts, the show is still accepting new acts but the show must be deemed appropriate by the organizers. The aim of the show is to raise money for female hygiene products for the less fortunate people in the community. You can come to the show and donate either money or some pads, tampons or anything of that nature and all proceeds will be donated to shelters for homeless women who can’t afford these much needed products on their own. We at Regoregitated Media think this is a great cause!

The show will be on 12th December between 7.30pm -10.30pm but if you can’t attend the show you can still help by dropping off products and donations at The Satanic Temple, we are sure they will appreciate it.

You can also visit the Facebook page: Cabaret Of Evil: Menstruatin With Satan

Review: Cube 2 Hypercube

Just recently I started re-watching the Cube movies and I know that a lot of you are not at all familiar with them. The Cube movies are distributed by Lionsgate Movies which pretty much automatically makes them good in my book. They predate Saw and in my opinion the Saw franchise would not even exist if The Cube movies were never made. In the first Cube movie everybody that is in the Cube are prisoners trapped in the demonic structure; with a good percentage of the room booby trapped. The aim of the first movie is to escape the Cube, testing rooms to make sure you are not the next victim to meet their demise. The second movie plays out a little differently. The Hypercube is an impossible construct that is a 4 Dimensional space which as we know Science will tell you is impossible, the Cube crosses over many different alternative realities meaning that it’s occupants appear in many different variations; the cube itself appears to be alive. This movie has some absolutely amazing performances from both Kari Matchett and Geraint Wyn Davies and kept me on the edge of my seat as I tried to actually figure out what was transpiring in front of me. This movie is a great psychological thriller and will keep you guessing until the end; there is a twist but I will not even hint at it as it will spoil the movie. The only downfall to this movie is the ending, I found it ended a little suddenly and I was very puzzled by what actually happened at the end, although it did keep me thinking about it a good few hours after the movie which I guess is probably what the filmmakers were aiming for.

We rate this one : 8/10 The premise of the story is very original, it is an exciting movie and the cinematography is very unique. The only thing this movie loses points on is the ending.



Gearhead is here!

Teaser Trailer

Black Friday Sale!

To celebrate USA’s traditional Black Friday we are offering one piece of top level ad space on our site for a month for just $5. To reserve your spot you must send us an email inquiring about this deal to by Midnight on the 24th November. All you need to do is email by the deadline to reserve your spot and we will lock in this incredibly low one off price. This is the cheapest advertising around in the Horror industry and we are sure you will be pleased with the results. So what are you waiting for?

Nightmare on Elm street Netflix series

Earlier on today I was scouring the Inter-webs for the latest Horror news when I stumbled across an article that was declaring a new Nightmare on Elm street Series would be coming to Netflix. Naturally this filled me with Horror and not the good kind. I did not want to see this beloved franchise butchered again. Well this got me to thinking so I did some more research and luckily for everybody it turns out that it was a fan made trailer and essentially in my eyes a hoax, the trailer was pretty badass though.


New Table Top Horror

Being English I happen to know that the country is full of very unique and colorful folklore, I grew up hearing various ghost stories and tales of the unknown from the beautiful eerie rural countryside of England. Some were believable; some a little far fetched even for me. Well like me I guess Trolish Delver games heard some of these tales also. The premise of the new game is a traditional story telling game with a twist; you ride solo on this one. That’s right, usually you probably wouldn’t want to delve into these stories by yourself but this is exactly what the designers of the game want you to do. We are sure this one will give you nightmares for weeks as you explore rural England’s darker kept secrets.

The Press Release reads:

“English Eerie is a storytelling game about horror in rural England. The game takes inspiration from folklore, along with the works of M.R. James, Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood to help players tell their own haunted tales of the English countryside.
The game is designed to be played over one or a series of dark evenings by the flicker of candlelight. The player, you, will need a journal, a pen, a ten-sided die (d10), a set of tokens in two colours (beads etc) and a deck of playing cards.
The aim of English Eerie is to tell your own tale of rural horror through entries in your journal – just as many protagonists do in horror literature. The card deck will be the engine that drives your story, presenting scenes for you to flesh out and for your character to overcome – all of which is recorded in physical journal entries. As time goes on tension rises and the horror is ramped up until the climactic end scene. There are several scenarios at the end of this book that offer you an inspirational framework to build a terrifying tale. You can choose to play the game in a single sitting or to draw out the experience over a series of nights.
This book contains five spine-chilling scenarios to inspire your tales of terror:
The Beast on the Moor
The Lost River
A Rattle of Chains
The Inn
For those who want a group game, the Campfire rules offer suggestions for playing English Eerie with friends”


We are going to try and obtain a copy and we will let you know how it goes.

Yagher selling original Chucky Props

If you are a Horror fan then we are fairly sure that you are at least familiar with the name Kevin Yagher. Kevin has worked in the Horror industry for over 30 years and has worked on both Tales from the crypt and Starship Troopers with his company Yagher Productions but possibly his most iconic creation to date is that of the original look for cult icon; Chucky.

Now Yagher is offering fans and collectors  the opportunity to own some of his most unique and interesting creations from throughout his caree rvia his online store.  You can purchase the wide-ranging selection of puppets, latex masks, and fake limbs that have been made available for purchase if you’ve got the money to burn.

Among the interesting items available for sale are several original fake heads and masks used during the filming of Tales From the Crypt, like one worn by Rita Wilson in Season 3’s “Mournin’ Mess” and a facial skin worn by Jon Lovitz in “Top Billing,” which also aired in Season 3. Props for sale from the Child’s Play franchise include a melted Chucky display from Child’s Play 2 and an oversized Chucky mask from Bride of Chucky.

If you are a collector of Horror antiquities as I am this is really worth a look to add some real value to your collection. To check it out follow the link below:

Kevin Yagher Productions