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Grudge Reboot

A reboot to the 2004 horror film The Grudge has been announced, with Sam Raimi producing. Variety reports Sony Pictures’ new take on the movie will star Demian Bichir (The Hateful Eight) and Andrea Riseborough (Battle of the Sexes). Nicolas Pesce reportedly will direct from a script he wrote. Production is set to begin in May, but no release date has been set as of yet. The original movie came out in 2004 and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar. The story follows an American nurse, portrayed by Gellar, exposed to a supernatural curse while working in Tokyo. This curse sends a person into a powerful rage before killing them and spreading to another victim. It was a remake of the Japanese horror film Ju-on. Raimi will be producing along with Rob Tapert for Ghost House. Nathan Kahane, Erin Westerman, Schuyler Weiss, Roy Lee, and Doug Davison are executive producing.

We will keep you posted as we hear more on this story.

Movie Division

Regoregitated Media are proud to announce that over this Summer we are going to be launching our Horror Movie division of our company. We have already secured a location for our first feature that will be shooting in Alabama this Summer. There is going to be a lot of leg work involved in this venture but we are genuinely excited to be embarking on this journey. We already have a couple of talented people involved in the project. There will be a fundraiser held over the next few weeks to raise some capital for our film but all going well this will be a huge success, we will keep you posted on updates as we know more.

Nightmare: Return to Elm Street

This trailer is that professionally done that it even had me fooled, hat off to you sir!

This trailer was published to the net by Domonic Smith and we think it is great, he had this to say:

Synopsis: When Drew’s daughter begins suffering from nightmares, he must face his horrific memories with his former classmate and fellow survivor of the Elm Street Haunting in order for them to save his daughter and put an end to their childhood tormentor once
and for all.

“This will be one of three trailers we’ve made. There won’t be any films to follow. These were strictly just to be made as trailers, from a feature film idea for nightmare on elm street. We really hope you guys enjoy, and if you do please pass it along! Hopefully someone form Warner Brothers catches sight.”

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Get Out makes Horror History

Jordan Peele’s new movie Get Out has just made Horror Movie History as it wins the Best Feature award at The Spirit Awards and becomes only the second Horror Genre Movie to ever win this award behind Black Swan. To top of getting this prestigious award Jordan Peele also managed to scoop up the award for Best Director, so pretty much a clean sweep and if that wasn’t good enough for him he was presented the award by none other than Chadwick Boseman of Black Panther. Get Out beat out all of competitors but perhaps most surprising is that Shape of Water wasn’t even nominated.

“This means so much,” said the ecstatic director, who definitely wasn’t playing mind games. “It’s clear to everybody in this room, and across the country and across the world, that we are in the beginning of a renaissance right now — where stories from the outsider, stories from the people in this room—the same stories that independent filmmakers have been telling for years—are being honored and recognized and celebrated and I’m so proud to be here with this group of people receiving this.”

Congratulations to everybody involved with this movie!