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COVID 19 Update

In these difficult, uncertain times we really need to come together as a community. Our people are struggling for finances, being isolated from the World is boring and nobody seems to know when this will end- if at all. The threat of this terrible virus is very real and as people we just want the world to return to some kind of normal.

The community I love, the Horror community are in real hardship at this time and we need to come together and help each other. This site is now going to operate as a Horror hub- I want to be able to build a sense of community in these dark times. I also want to be able to provide some much needed entertainment in this time of crisis.

At Regoregitated Media we are reaching out to anybody who has created something that they feel they can share with the world in this time, we are calling on filmmakers, Artists, Writers or just any creator to join this community and SHARE with your fellow person.

We are also aware of the impact to conventions and film festivals in this time, both organizers and goers are struggling with events getting cancelled so as a community we would like to host some Free or very nominally paid events and also premier content to get people through these times, we will also be featuring affected vendors on our pages as these wonderful people have been adversely affected by this and we want to help as many of them rely on this income to survive- much as we do.

We want to urge you as a people to stick together and follow the guidelines set out by our Government and put trust in the people that are trying to get us through this trying time, we will bounce back but we must stick together.

Finally stay safe and stay healthy- any questions or response to this please feel free to email us at or call me at 269 841 6891

Thomas Smith

Exclusive Review- Reptile House by Tristan Risk

This weekend I was lucky enough to get treated to a screener of a short film that is about to hit the festival circuit and this one is a real gem. The movie that I am on about is of course the second short film by Canadian film maker; Tristan Risk- Reptile House. Now I have always been a fan of Reptiles and have a great respect for any creature that has the ability to harm you and possibly even end your life, so I entered this one with a genuine intrigue. I am familiar with Miss Risk’s acting as I have seen her in both American Mary and Harvest lake so I knew her acting was on point but this would be a great opportunity to delve into her mind and see how dark it could go- and I was pleasantly surprised. The way the film is shot gives me chills, it is a perfectly dark setting for such a film. The story all be it short is clever and realistic, I actually believe this could happen, it reminded me of some sketchy Craigslist type dealings. The performance of another Canadian in this, Sharai Rewels was captivating and her character work was phenomenal; she played this role to perfection and kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for her to strike like the proverbial “Cobra”. All in all this film was very well put together and was enjoyable to the end, it was amazing to get a glimpse of Tristan Risk’s personal snake collection and even better to tour her mind in this one. However the best part of this movie is it’s ending and I do not mean that in a negative way but that character needs it’s own full length feature, I do not intend to spoil this one so I will not tell you what character I am on about- guess you will have to just see it for yourself. I can’t wait to see what else Tristan Risk has in store for us as she continues to grow in her own productions.

Regoregitated Media will keep you updated on when and where you will able to see this one as we highly advise you see it.

This movie gets 4 out of 5 stars, it lost one purely due to length as it left me wanting to see more-much more.

Credit for Photography goes to Scott Alexander and for Graphic Art James Nicol

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