July 27, 2021

About us

Welcome to Regoregitated Media.com, we are a brand new multimedia Horror company based out of Battle Creek, Michigan. Our aim is to become a premier Horror multimedia company and your first place for Horror. We are very passionate about what we do and we want to bring our unique talents for terror to you the viewer. Over the coming months we are going to put a plan in place that involves a brand new in print and PDF flip magazine, an online TV station that is dedicated just to Horror, a new and exciting podcast, some Horror Hosting, games, Original movies and shows; in fact damn there is just to much to list but we are sure there will be something for every Horror fan.

We are also going to act as a valuable marketing platform for anybody whom sells anything that falls into the Horror genre, we are going to be offering ad space in all variations of media and we will also be offering a service where we shoot the commercial for you, we have some great connections with Artists, Writers, Photographers and Filmmakers and will pool our resources to bring you the best custom Ad package that we can possibly offer.

We strive to be the best at what we do and what we love which is the Horror industry and we are sure that if you stumbled across this site then you will find something for you. We hope that you continue to visit us and make us your first place for Terror!

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  We are constantly looking to build our team and expand our Horror family so if you are interested in being a part of this site in any aspect whether it be as a Writer, Photographer, Artist, Horror Vixen or as anything else you think can benefit us please feel free to email regoregitatedmedia@outlook.com or click on the picture below.