July 26, 2021

Back Again!

2019 was quite the year for me, it had a lot of ups and down-mostly downs. I went through a lot mentally and physically, I almost lost my marriage, finances were tough and I forced myself back into college. Most of my year was spent working dead end jobs trying to make ends meet and as a consequence this site really had to get put on the backburner simply due to time and honestly a drive to get up and do this.

Well I began an English Associates degree back in September with the ultimate goal of teaching, this course has really heightened my skills as a writer and I finally have my passion back for the written word but one thing is still missing- my love for the Horror industry. I guess at this point that it has never gone away and was just laying dormant waiting to be awakened once more and that day has come.

I have rediscovered my passion for this and it is time to bring back my site, although this time around we are going in a slightly different direction as I have learned a lot of different things whilst doing this- so here is the plan.

From today Regoregitated Media is reborn, we have a slightly new look to our site and will be bringing back some old favorites. Over the years I have put out two magazines; Purgatory Magazine and Chupacabra Magazine and I am planning to bring both back next month as separate entities and both operating under the blanket of Regoregitated Media, I am planning a podcast and will need a co-host, I am going to finally produce Gearhead’s show and use it as the flagship show for Regoregitated TV and of course you can visit here for all of your Horror news, Games, Public domain movies, Literature and general creepy goodness.

2020 is set to be a huge year and I am fully going to embrace it- see you on the other side!