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RABID 1977 re-release penned for I-tunes

Apple are running a very special re-release of  David Cronenberg’s Cult Classic Rabid on the official iTunes store, this comes the same year that the Soska Siters, Jen and Sylvia remade the movie. The original movie is currently available for preorder at the link below and is a bargain at just $7.99 so go right ahead and snap yours up today! The expected delivery of the digital copy is August 26th so just four days away.


iTunes Store



Magazine Release Schedule

So a lot has happened in the last year  or so that had forced me to take an extended hiatus from the Horror industry and forced me to never launch the magazine that was supposed to be launched. Well I am pleased to announce that things are beginning to smooth themselves out and I am able to return to what  I do best. It has been over a year now since I was diagnosed with diabetes and the crippling depression is starting to subside and I am starting to feel normal again. With that said I want to once again return to the industry that I love.  To add to starting to feel normal again I am about to return to college and study for and English language arts Associates degree and I am still working full time so my schedule is about to become really crazy but I feel ready to take on all these challenges as I get back to where I need to be. I have drafted a schedule for the Magazines releases and I hope that you guys will join is on this journey back into the unknown. All releases so far will be released in PDF format, other formats will be available at a later date.

Regoregitated Magazine 2019/2020 Release Schedule:

September 5th 2019 Theme: Crypt zoo-ology

October 5th Theme: Halloween Extravaganza

November 5th Theme: Diabetes support month ( All sales will go to diabetic research)

December 5th Theme: A frightful Christmas

January 5th Theme: New Years screams

February 5th Theme: Horror Vixens special (Women in Horror month)

March 5th Theme: Vampires VS Werewolves

April 5th Theme: Deep space terror

May 5th Theme: Slasher

June 5th Theme: Horror Hosts exposed

July 5th Theme: Classic cult Horror

August 5th: Theme: Honoring the indies



We will be kicking off on September 5th with an issue that is going to pay homage to our first attempt at a publication way back when; the Legendary Chupacabra.


Event- Menstruatin With Satan

This is a very unique event being held by the Satanic Temple in Seattle and we think it is a great idea. The event is a Cabaret show that will be sporting several different acts, the show is still accepting new acts but the show must be deemed appropriate by the organizers. The aim of the show is to raise money for female hygiene products for the less fortunate people in the community. You can come to the show and donate either money or some pads, tampons or anything of that nature and all proceeds will be donated to shelters for homeless women who can’t afford these much needed products on their own. We at Regoregitated Media think this is a great cause!

The show will be on 12th December between 7.30pm -10.30pm but if you can’t attend the show you can still help by dropping off products and donations at The Satanic Temple, we are sure they will appreciate it.

You can also visit the Facebook page: Cabaret Of Evil: Menstruatin With Satan