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Twisted Twins Etsy Store

It has recently come to my attention that the Soska Sisters have an Etsy store and it is loaded with some real gems. Much of the products on there are autographed and would make a great addition to any Horror collectors repertoire, so I strongly advise you to head on over and check it out before everything is gone, like seriously support these awesome ladies during these uncertain times and grab yourselves a real collectors piece.


British Horror Legend dies due to COVID 19

British Horror actress and producer Hilary Heath has sadly died due to complications from COVID 19 at the age of 74. Hilary probably remembered most for her role alongside the Legendary Vincent Price in Witchfinder General is the latest high profile case of this horrible vicious disease that is ravaging this World to end in tragedy. Our hearts go out to her family at this time and we will be paying tribute on this site over the next coming days to pay our respects. Hilary lived a great an productive life working on some high profile Horror films as both actress and producer and in later years transitioned to a career as an addiction counselor, a very commendable calling.




COVID 19 Update

In these difficult, uncertain times we really need to come together as a community. Our people are struggling for finances, being isolated from the World is boring and nobody seems to know when this will end- if at all. The threat of this terrible virus is very real and as people we just want the world to return to some kind of normal.

The community I love, the Horror community are in real hardship at this time and we need to come together and help each other. This site is now going to operate as a Horror hub- I want to be able to build a sense of community in these dark times. I also want to be able to provide some much needed entertainment in this time of crisis.

At Regoregitated Media we are reaching out to anybody who has created something that they feel they can share with the world in this time, we are calling on filmmakers, Artists, Writers or just any creator to join this community and SHARE with your fellow person.

We are also aware of the impact to conventions and film festivals in this time, both organizers and goers are struggling with events getting cancelled so as a community we would like to host some Free or very nominally paid events and also premier content to get people through these times, we will also be featuring affected vendors on our pages as these wonderful people have been adversely affected by this and we want to help as many of them rely on this income to survive- much as we do.

We want to urge you as a people to stick together and follow the guidelines set out by our Government and put trust in the people that are trying to get us through this trying time, we will bounce back but we must stick together.

Finally stay safe and stay healthy- any questions or response to this please feel free to email us at or call me at 269 841 6891

Thomas Smith

Free month of Shudder

With this month being Women in Horror Month, Horror should be very much on your mind. Well streaming service Shudder have partnered with the event and want to help you celebrate. Anybody who follows the Official WIH twitter account this month will able to access a special code to grab themselves a free month of Shudders streaming service that can be accessed from any streaming device, computer or gaming system. This is a great way to get your Horror fix for an entire month. Shudder has an extensive library of Horror movies and we are sure you will find something here to peak your interest, so head to twitter and follow WIH today. The code went live on Feb 1st.

RABID 1977 re-release penned for I-tunes

Apple are running a very special re-release of  David Cronenberg’s Cult Classic Rabid on the official iTunes store, this comes the same year that the Soska Siters, Jen and Sylvia remade the movie. The original movie is currently available for preorder at the link below and is a bargain at just $7.99 so go right ahead and snap yours up today! The expected delivery of the digital copy is August 26th so just four days away.


iTunes Store



University gets Horror Icon Archives

If you are planning on attending University to become the next great Horror genre screenwriter then there is only one place on earth that you should be looking to attend right now. University of Pittsburgh have just been handed the whole Archive of Horror legend George A Romero. The manuscripts are available to both current students and faculty to observe, so if you manage to get on a program there you are able to browse this fantastic archive at your leisure, surely giving you a huge insight into the craft of screenwriting. This collection even boasts an annotated copy of “Night of the Living Dead” complete with a foam latex zombie head. The University is planning on becoming a center for Horror genre study and with this great addition I am sure they will easily pull off this plan. George A Romero had ties to the city as he moved there in 1950 to study graphic art and got his first break shooting commercials there. Sadly he passed in 2017 but this is surely a fitting tribute to the Horror icon.



The new Slenderman?

Earlier today I happened to stumble upon a new internet sensation that is now being blamed for the suicides of two teens in Colombia. The internet meme simply known as Momo has now become a dangerous game among kids. The kids are encouraged to add a Whats-app account that claims to be Momo and even uses this terrifying image as their profile pic.

The premise of this new internet game is that you add the account and you will get messaged back with a variety of different challenges to complete with the last one being suicide. People who have played this have reported receiving strange phone calls and sometimes grotesquely disturbing images to their cell phone and this new craze has rapidly gone viral.


At Regoregitated Media we are all about the scare but this stuff is real and we want to warn parents of the dangers that their children can be exposed to online. You should for sure be monitoring their Internet use and make sure that these fictional characters are not used for real world evil! I have decided to do some more research into this and will post my results to the site in a couple of days.

Zombie regeneration energy drink

Caliber comics has recently introduced a new energy drink to the market, Deadworld Zombie Regeneration energy drink. The 11oz drink comes packed full of Vitamins B3 and B6 and enough caffeine to literally raise the dead. The expected retail price of the product is 2.99 and is expected to compliment their already existing beverage line, the can sports some pretty cool custom artwork that we are sure will be a hit for the Halloween season and we are expecting this product to do very well. You can stop by and grab a can at the link below or try on of their other haunting flavors.

Deadworld Zombie Sodas

If you are an interested retailer you can also check out Caliber Comics to obtain their full product line.

R.L Stine’s Graphic novels

R.L Stine creator of the Legendary Teen Horror series Goosebumps has just signed a contract to write four Supernatural Graphic novels for Boom Studios and the first book is expected to be released as early as fall of next year.  Stine was quote as saying this after the deal was made.

“I’m so lucky to have been able to scare so many generations of kids,”  “Now I feel lucky to be going just beyond Goosebumps to a whole new medium of fright and chilling laughs. I’m hoping that BOOM! is the sound of an explosion of fun in a whole new world for me.”

This is exciting times for the Author and his fans and as a fan of the Original Goosebumps stories as I grew up in a generation with them I am excited to see what he comes up with.

Deep Blue sea 2 inspired by real shark?

Recently I watched the long anticipated movie sequel to Deep Blue Sea, it was a fairly decent movie but one thing that struck me as odd was the killer baby sharks, they were more fearsome than their larger counterparts and that  got me to thinking, why would these tiny sharks be scarier than the larger sharks in the movie. The larger sharks could literally bite you in half with one chomp surely those were a much more fearsome predator. The miniature sharks kind of reminded me of a shoal of Piranha as they decimated everything they ran into in the underground base, only they did not have the same characteristics of Piranha’s they did not rip at their victims they seemed to merely latch onto them. This got me to thinking as to whether the film-makers based these little monsters on anything that lives in the real world and I stumbled upon this fascinating creature.  Introducing:

The Cookie Cutter Shark

The Cookie Cutter shark is a species of Dogfish and they normally inhabit warmer climates, they have the biggest teeth to body size ratio of all the Shark species and are certainly not something you would ever want to run into. These elite predatory fish have been known to take bites out of unsuspecting Whales  and even Great White Sharks, they are the ultimate sneak attack predators. These small sharks are not really known for attacking humans but there has been a few isolated cases worldwide. The Cookie Cutter Shark leaves a circular bite on it’s victims which is where it gets it’s name from. These tiny sharks only grow up to about 16 inches but have been known to take on prey much larger than itself. They also back in the 60s caused a problem to nuclear subs as they were biting holes in them causing them to leak important fluids, so in perspective this fish can chew through steel. Would be a great fish for a Horror Movie, well in fact they did make a Cameo in Shark Night 3D in 2011 making it highly possible that these sharks were in fact the basis for the Sharks in Deep Blue Sea 2. Although we do not know to much about these elusive Sharks we do know that we really don’t want to be bitten by one as this is the affect it can have when attacking a Human.

And it is even brave enough to do this to a Great White; one of the most feared predators of the deep.

So what do you guys think? Did these vicious little Sharks spawn the Sharks in this movie? Watch the movie and let us know your thoughts.