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Exclusive Review- Reptile House by Tristan Risk

This weekend I was lucky enough to get treated to a screener of a short film that is about to hit the festival circuit and this one is a real gem. The movie that I am on about is of course the second short film by Canadian film maker; Tristan Risk- Reptile House. Now I have always been a fan of Reptiles and have a great respect for any creature that has the ability to harm you and possibly even end your life, so I entered this one with a genuine intrigue. I am familiar with Miss Risk’s acting as I have seen her in both American Mary and Harvest lake so I knew her acting was on point but this would be a great opportunity to delve into her mind and see how dark it could go- and I was pleasantly surprised. The way the film is shot gives me chills, it is a perfectly dark setting for such a film. The story all be it short is clever and realistic, I actually believe this could happen, it reminded me of some sketchy Craigslist type dealings. The performance of another Canadian in this, Sharai Rewels was captivating and her character work was phenomenal; she played this role to perfection and kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for her to strike like the proverbial “Cobra”. All in all this film was very well put together and was enjoyable to the end, it was amazing to get a glimpse of Tristan Risk’s personal snake collection and even better to tour her mind in this one. However the best part of this movie is it’s ending and I do not mean that in a negative way but that character needs it’s own full length feature, I do not intend to spoil this one so I will not tell you what character I am on about- guess you will have to just see it for yourself. I can’t wait to see what else Tristan Risk has in store for us as she continues to grow in her own productions.

Regoregitated Media will keep you updated on when and where you will able to see this one as we highly advise you see it.

This movie gets 4 out of 5 stars, it lost one purely due to length as it left me wanting to see more-much more.

Credit for Photography goes to Scott Alexander and for Graphic Art James Nicol

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Review- The Thirst

I was recently in the mood to watch a Vampire flick and I stumbled upon 2006 movie The thirst. The plot follows and ex junkie who is terminally ill and essentially discovers a way to live on, she becomes a vampire and part of a family of vampires but does not tell her boyfriend; although he soon finds out. This was an ok vampire movie but was very average. The story was pretty generic, it has been seen before and it just didn’t push enough boundaries for me. I felt as though the movie makers over used fake blood and the cinematography could have been a lot better; making this movie more of a success. The only real breath of light to this movie was Clare Kramer, her acting was solid and her role was believable. I love vampire folklore and I like vampire movies that stick to traditional vampire tales and this one did for the most part but honestly on a side note I do not believe that a vampire covering up with a blanket would protect them from sunlight and yes I did see some flesh exposed that didn’t fry.

We gave this movie 4 out of 10 Liked that it stuck to traditional vampire folklore for the most part but the producers over use of blood and inability to create a fully original story did not impress.



Review- Gerald’s Game

Another Netflix original I went in to this one honestly thinking that they were about to butcher another one of Stephen King’s masterpieces but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This was a perfect adaptation of one of Stephen King’s classic masterpieces.  This movie possesses the right mix of sexy and horror. The plot is flawless as the writer taps in on the scariest element of horror imaginable; the horror of humanity. Gerald and Jessie go for a “Romantic” getaway in a very remote location and when their sexual exploits go very wrong we get to witness Carla Gugino’s (Jessie) descent in to madness. Never before has a movie set in one room been so amazingly dark, the use of flashbacks are genius and quite frankly I have never seen a better psychological movie. There is a huge twist at the end that I would never have seen coming and I was that gripped by the compelling story that when it happened I was completely blindsided by it. Bruce Greenwood (Gerald) is exceptionally dark in this movie and plays the role perfectly; a total madman. The cameo from the dog is delightful and throughout the movie I found myself feeling Jessie’s pain and terror. This movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through; a top watch.

We gave this movie 10 out of 10 A great watch, very compelling. I was able to make a real connection with the main character Jessie as I joined her on her descent into madness. The filmmakers hit this one out of the park, possible Horror movie of the year.

Review- The Babysitter

As we all know Netflix are currently making their own movies and shows now and what I always find is that they are very hit and miss; you never quite know which way it is going to go. Well in knowing that Netflix either make something really good or really bad I have been putting off watching this one for quite some time. The premise of the movie kind of reminded me of a more adult version of the classic movie Home Alone. Cole’s parents are out of town and his quite stunning babysitter takes over for the weekend but as Cole later discovers she is part of a sadistic Satanic cult. It is a tale of survival for Cole as he battles these prepubescent teens who have a thirst for blood. The story is well thought out but honestly the movie is kind of cheesy, there are a lot of comedic moments and although this at times makes for an excellent movie it sometimes takes away from the horror aspect. All in all it was easy to connect with the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Honestly despite this being a horror movie the great one liners from King Bach kept me amused as the comedy flowed. I recommend watching this but do not go in if you are looking for a pure Horror movie

We give this movie 7/10 It is a good all around movie but lost points for the mere fact that it felt like more of a comedy than a horror; still an excellent watch and made for a very interesting movie.

Game Review- Resident Evil Remastered

So this year with the release of both Resident Evil: Final Chapter and the game Resident Evil 7, I have been on a real Resident Evil kick. I recently re-watched all of the movies in the series and once that was over with I really wanted more. The desire for Resident Evil was burning up inside me so I decided to get on the trusty XBOX ONE for my fix and to my joy discovered that they had re-mastered the original game for a new era of game players, I was ecstatic and instantly cracked out the credit card to make my purchase. The game took a little while to install but I sat patiently sipping my coffee until the install finished (who am I kidding; I couldn’t wait to play).

After what seemed like hours, the game was ready. It had the Original load screen that I remembered from possibly twenty years ago but the cut scenes were much crisper and obviously had been completely remade. The game still had the same eerie effect on me as it did the first time around. You don’t see any monsters at all really in the first part of the game, just sounds and that really spooked the hell out of me. The original game was a masterpiece and this was living up to it’s reputation.  The game developers did not adapt any of the game mechanics, making the game incredibly difficult as it once was with really sketchy camera angles and when you add in the fact that you can’t run and shoot at the same time; decision making is key. When I did finally run into a Zombie it killed me and Xbox cleverly have an achievement titled- Better get use to it! Never a truer statement, this one could take me months but I will keep you guys updated.

We rate this 7/10 This game is great for a little bit of nostalgia and an absolute classic but when compared to more modern games with better game engines and game mechanics you run the risk of getting bored with it.


Review: Cube 2 Hypercube

Just recently I started re-watching the Cube movies and I know that a lot of you are not at all familiar with them. The Cube movies are distributed by Lionsgate Movies which pretty much automatically makes them good in my book. They predate Saw and in my opinion the Saw franchise would not even exist if The Cube movies were never made. In the first Cube movie everybody that is in the Cube are prisoners trapped in the demonic structure; with a good percentage of the room booby trapped. The aim of the first movie is to escape the Cube, testing rooms to make sure you are not the next victim to meet their demise. The second movie plays out a little differently. The Hypercube is an impossible construct that is a 4 Dimensional space which as we know Science will tell you is impossible, the Cube crosses over many different alternative realities meaning that it’s occupants appear in many different variations; the cube itself appears to be alive. This movie has some absolutely amazing performances from both Kari Matchett and Geraint Wyn Davies and kept me on the edge of my seat as I tried to actually figure out what was transpiring in front of me. This movie is a great psychological thriller and will keep you guessing until the end; there is a twist but I will not even hint at it as it will spoil the movie. The only downfall to this movie is the ending, I found it ended a little suddenly and I was very puzzled by what actually happened at the end, although it did keep me thinking about it a good few hours after the movie which I guess is probably what the filmmakers were aiming for.

We rate this one : 8/10 The premise of the story is very original, it is an exciting movie and the cinematography is very unique. The only thing this movie loses points on is the ending.