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11th Annual Women in Horror month

February as it is every year is within the Horror industry-Women in Horror month. This celebration of Women in a very male driven industry is now into it’s 11th year. We are great supporters of this as we want the Horror industry to be a diverse playground that anybody can fit in on. There is a lot of great female driven work out there and to show our support for Women in Horror month and to show our support for the many great women we know in this industry and work alongside everyday Regoregitated media will be showcasing some of the best work from Women all month long. Happy Women in Horror Month to all of you Horror Vixens out there!

Selena Gomez eats eyeball

Selena Gomez has come an awful long way since her Disney days but some of her fans had a shock this week when some behind the scenes footage was released of the new thriller that she has been working on. In the pictures you can see her eating icing from a leg, chewing on a finger and even sucking……an eyeball ( Which quite frankly is a little disturbing).  Lets just say some of her fans were not amused by this at all.

Fans only got a taste of what’s to come, since the full film will soon stream on Instagram’s new long-form video platform, IGTV. “This is disgusting wtf is wrong with you,” one angry commenter wrote while another added: “This is awful! I am in total shock. What happened to my Selena??” Some even went a level further with their responses to the unsettling clip, posting: “She is not okay! Give me old Selena. GOD help Selena.” Even though a few suggested this would be a pitfall in her career, other Selana fans had her back to the fullest.

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