July 27, 2021

Deep Blue sea 2 inspired by real shark?

Recently I watched the long anticipated movie sequel to Deep Blue Sea, it was a fairly decent movie but one thing that struck me as odd was the killer baby sharks, they were more fearsome than their larger counterparts and that  got me to thinking, why would these tiny sharks be scarier than the larger sharks in the movie. The larger sharks could literally bite you in half with one chomp surely those were a much more fearsome predator. The miniature sharks kind of reminded me of a shoal of Piranha as they decimated everything they ran into in the underground base, only they did not have the same characteristics of Piranha’s they did not rip at their victims they seemed to merely latch onto them. This got me to thinking as to whether the film-makers based these little monsters on anything that lives in the real world and I stumbled upon this fascinating creature.  Introducing:

The Cookie Cutter Shark

The Cookie Cutter shark is a species of Dogfish and they normally inhabit warmer climates, they have the biggest teeth to body size ratio of all the Shark species and are certainly not something you would ever want to run into. These elite predatory fish have been known to take bites out of unsuspecting Whales  and even Great White Sharks, they are the ultimate sneak attack predators. These small sharks are not really known for attacking humans but there has been a few isolated cases worldwide. The Cookie Cutter Shark leaves a circular bite on it’s victims which is where it gets it’s name from. These tiny sharks only grow up to about 16 inches but have been known to take on prey much larger than itself. They also back in the 60s caused a problem to nuclear subs as they were biting holes in them causing them to leak important fluids, so in perspective this fish can chew through steel. Would be a great fish for a Horror Movie, well in fact they did make a Cameo in Shark Night 3D in 2011 making it highly possible that these sharks were in fact the basis for the Sharks in Deep Blue Sea 2. Although we do not know to much about these elusive Sharks we do know that we really don’t want to be bitten by one as this is the affect it can have when attacking a Human.

And it is even brave enough to do this to a Great White; one of the most feared predators of the deep.

So what do you guys think? Did these vicious little Sharks spawn the Sharks in this movie? Watch the movie and let us know your thoughts.