July 26, 2021

Election Day 2020

So today is a huge day in American History, it has been the craziest election year in many years and it culminates today with the general election. At Regoregitated Media we like to stay out of politics and firmly believe that every person in this country has a role to play in electing our President, this country was built on freedom of choice and even if we believe the next person to be wrong they are still entitled to make that decision. This has been a brutal campaign and the country has never been more divided, so through our love of Horror we figured we would offer up some other suitable candidates to lead us into the future and after hours of scouring the inter-webs this is who we came up with. Happy Election day!

  • This is only for fun and should not be taken seriously, what should be taken seriously is your vote. Voting is the only way to make your voice count so remember to get that ballot in and be heard and no matter the outcome remember we are all one nation and must stand together to get this country back on track.