July 26, 2021

Inauguration Day Announcement

It dawned on me today that I literally have not posted on our site since Election day back in November of 2020, the world did not seem right then to continue with my endeavors- the world felt lost and a fairly bitter place. 2020 was quite the year for many of us, we endured a national pandemic and racial injustice and the country was literally torn apart. This year and especially this day marks a new dawn for the United States of America, a new President and a new chapter. I am hopeful that we can start to rebuild this once great country under the leadership of the new administration and at Regoregitated Media we wish them the best of luck. Even though this is not a political site in any way the timing to make our return seems very appropriate, as I write this I am finally excited about the future again and I feel that in this very New America we can all achieve our dreams and we should not stop working towards these ends. Congratulations on your achievement President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Over the coming months there will be sweeping changes to our site, I will be looking to rebuild our team and rebrand our legacy. I am looking for a co-host for an audio podcast and also a Horror hosted show (Video), we are always looking for people to showcase as Horror vixens, we also need regular writers and Artists as we look to turn this into a great multimedia site for all of your horror needs. With the pandemic still raging on and the fact that we have been missing our conventions we plan to host our first virtual convention this year and more will follow on these plans. We wish you all the best for 2021 and thank you for your continued support.