July 27, 2021

Jessica Chastain joins Cast of IT Part 2

Jessica Chastain was chosen for the role of Beverly in the second part of Stephen King’s IT back in February and has now came out and told the world exactly why she accepted such a role. Jessica recently came out in an interview and told the world that the reason she is ready to reprise this role is that she is a huge fan of the King of Horror, Mr Stephen King and she loves  how the Horror Industry has begun to empower women within the genre. She admits that she wanted the role since last November and when the opportunity arose she jumped at the chance. She was actually quoted as saying this:

“I actually love the horror genre, because I found that in the past — I think things are changing now — but in the past the horror genre [in particular] really has great female characters,” Chastain said. “I’m very happy to work again in a genre that actually has empowered women. And in that genre, you usually see the person surviving at the end being the lady. Do you know what I mean? She conquers the monsters or the bad guys, and she walks away at the end.”

It is awesome to see more and more Women making a success in an industry that for the last thirty or fourty years has been a very male driven environment and we are excited to see so many wonderful women making their mark on the genre we love and we wish Jessica all the luck in her role.