July 27, 2021

New Table Top Horror

Being English I happen to know that the country is full of very unique and colorful folklore, I grew up hearing various ghost stories and tales of the unknown from the beautiful eerie rural countryside of England. Some were believable; some a little far fetched even for me. Well like me I guess Trolish Delver games heard some of these tales also. The premise of the new game is a traditional story telling game with a twist; you ride solo on this one. That’s right, usually you probably wouldn’t want to delve into these stories by yourself but this is exactly what the designers of the game want you to do. We are sure this one will give you nightmares for weeks as you explore rural England’s darker kept secrets.

The Press Release reads:

“English Eerie is a storytelling game about horror in rural England. The game takes inspiration from folklore, along with the works of M.R. James, Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood to help players tell their own haunted tales of the English countryside.
The game is designed to be played over one or a series of dark evenings by the flicker of candlelight. The player, you, will need a journal, a pen, a ten-sided die (d10), a set of tokens in two colours (beads etc) and a deck of playing cards.
The aim of English Eerie is to tell your own tale of rural horror through entries in your journal – just as many protagonists do in horror literature. The card deck will be the engine that drives your story, presenting scenes for you to flesh out and for your character to overcome – all of which is recorded in physical journal entries. As time goes on tension rises and the horror is ramped up until the climactic end scene. There are several scenarios at the end of this book that offer you an inspirational framework to build a terrifying tale. You can choose to play the game in a single sitting or to draw out the experience over a series of nights.
This book contains five spine-chilling scenarios to inspire your tales of terror:
The Beast on the Moor
The Lost River
A Rattle of Chains
The Inn
For those who want a group game, the Campfire rules offer suggestions for playing English Eerie with friends”


We are going to try and obtain a copy and we will let you know how it goes.