July 27, 2021

Our Team

Thomas Smith


I am 34 years old originally from the UK, I moved to the USA 6 years ago and reside in Michigan. Horror is my life, I am a regular convention goer and am obsessed with the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise. My prize possession is a Robert Englund signed Autobiography and I deem this to be the Holy grail of Horror, it is guarded under lock and Key. Regoregitated Media is my brain child and I intend to make it the best damn Horror company in the country.



Resident Horror Host/ May be the alter ego of another staff member (Unconfirmed)

Gearhead Back Story- A wealthy English Gentleman who was scared of everything, especially death, sought a way to live forever and conquer his fears. He had amassed a lot of money when his parents died and invested it in a bio engineering lab deep in the basement of his mansion. The Englishman’s idea was simple, the technology was there, he decided to start replacing his body parts with mechanical parts. Mechanical face, mechanical heart etc One fateful night he was experimenting in his lab, there was a storm. He was halfway through the reconstructive surgery when the lightning struck his mansion. His experiment was a success but it came at a cost. The lightning strike blasted him back in time and condemned him to reviewing old B-Movie horror for all eternity. But at least his experiment was a success, he was no longer afraid and at least he would live forever!


Katelynne Ratliff


My name is Katelynne Ratliff, and I am 19 years old. I am from Pennsylvania, I love all types of horror. My favorite things in horror include vampires, paranormal entities, and creepy dolls. Some of my favorite movies are The Conjuring 1&2, Annabelle, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Corpse Bride. Also, I am a huge fan of Tim Burton and I create art and write for Regoregitated Media.



Sarah Church

Horror Vlogger/ World’s First Horror see/hear host

I am Sarah and I am 25 years old from Phoenix Arizona and I love horror movies, I love  Horror movies cause they’re the best and fun to watch,
I love Gore movies and Horror movies, 2001 Maniacs and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are two of my favorite Horror movies . I have some great horror family at the conventions I attend; I grew up watching Horror from a young age and now I can’t get enough of it.