July 26, 2021

Gearhead recruitment drive.

So it is kind of lonely here at regoregitated-media.com for our Resident Horror Host, he is a playful sort and really needs some playmates (not the playboy type- however this may be a good option) to help him film his brand new show that will begin filming in 2018. Gearhead is looking for a couple of co-hosts for his show, they can be male or female and Gearhead is not a selfish guy and is willing to fully share the spotlight with anybody who is willing to join this journey with him. Gearhead would prefer his friends to be Michigan locals but is not fussy as long as they are available for 8 episode shoots, now is the time to jump on board as he is anxious and wants to announce to the world his new team. On a side note he is also looking for crew so if you can help with this or be a fellow horror host drop him a line at regoregitatedmedia@outlook.com