July 27, 2021

Review: Cube 2 Hypercube

Just recently I started re-watching the Cube movies and I know that a lot of you are not at all familiar with them. The Cube movies are distributed by Lionsgate Movies which pretty much automatically makes them good in my book. They predate Saw and in my opinion the Saw franchise would not even exist if The Cube movies were never made. In the first Cube movie everybody that is in the Cube are prisoners trapped in the demonic structure; with a good percentage of the room booby trapped. The aim of the first movie is to escape the Cube, testing rooms to make sure you are not the next victim to meet their demise. The second movie plays out a little differently. The Hypercube is an impossible construct that is a 4 Dimensional space which as we know Science will tell you is impossible, the Cube crosses over many different alternative realities meaning that it’s occupants appear in many different variations; the cube itself appears to be alive. This movie has some absolutely amazing performances from both Kari Matchett and Geraint Wyn Davies and kept me on the edge of my seat as I tried to actually figure out what was transpiring in front of me. This movie is a great psychological thriller and will keep you guessing until the end; there is a twist but I will not even hint at it as it will spoil the movie. The only downfall to this movie is the ending, I found it ended a little suddenly and I was very puzzled by what actually happened at the end, although it did keep me thinking about it a good few hours after the movie which I guess is probably what the filmmakers were aiming for.

We rate this one : 8/10 The premise of the story is very original, it is an exciting movie and the cinematography is very unique. The only thing this movie loses points on is the ending.