July 27, 2021

Review- Gerald’s Game

Another Netflix original I went in to this one honestly thinking that they were about to butcher another one of Stephen King’s masterpieces but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This was a perfect adaptation of one of Stephen King’s classic masterpieces.  This movie possesses the right mix of sexy and horror. The plot is flawless as the writer taps in on the scariest element of horror imaginable; the horror of humanity. Gerald and Jessie go for a “Romantic” getaway in a very remote location and when their sexual exploits go very wrong we get to witness Carla Gugino’s (Jessie) descent in to madness. Never before has a movie set in one room been so amazingly dark, the use of flashbacks are genius and quite frankly I have never seen a better psychological movie. There is a huge twist at the end that I would never have seen coming and I was that gripped by the compelling story that when it happened I was completely blindsided by it. Bruce Greenwood (Gerald) is exceptionally dark in this movie and plays the role perfectly; a total madman. The cameo from the dog is delightful and throughout the movie I found myself feeling Jessie’s pain and terror. This movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through; a top watch.

We gave this movie 10 out of 10 A great watch, very compelling. I was able to make a real connection with the main character Jessie as I joined her on her descent into madness. The filmmakers hit this one out of the park, possible Horror movie of the year.