July 27, 2021

Review- The Babysitter

As we all know Netflix are currently making their own movies and shows now and what I always find is that they are very hit and miss; you never quite know which way it is going to go. Well in knowing that Netflix either make something really good or really bad I have been putting off watching this one for quite some time. The premise of the movie kind of reminded me of a more adult version of the classic movie Home Alone. Cole’s parents are out of town and his quite stunning babysitter takes over for the weekend but as Cole later discovers she is part of a sadistic Satanic cult. It is a tale of survival for Cole as he battles these prepubescent teens who have a thirst for blood. The story is well thought out but honestly the movie is kind of cheesy, there are a lot of comedic moments and although this at times makes for an excellent movie it sometimes takes away from the horror aspect. All in all it was easy to connect with the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Honestly despite this being a horror movie the great one liners from King Bach kept me amused as the comedy flowed. I recommend watching this but do not go in if you are looking for a pure Horror movie

We give this movie 7/10 It is a good all around movie but lost points for the mere fact that it felt like more of a comedy than a horror; still an excellent watch and made for a very interesting movie.