July 27, 2021

Review- The Thirst

I was recently in the mood to watch a Vampire flick and I stumbled upon 2006 movie The thirst. The plot follows and ex junkie who is terminally ill and essentially discovers a way to live on, she becomes a vampire and part of a family of vampires but does not tell her boyfriend; although he soon finds out. This was an ok vampire movie but was very average. The story was pretty generic, it has been seen before and it just didn’t push enough boundaries for me. I felt as though the movie makers over used fake blood and the cinematography could have been a lot better; making this movie more of a success. The only real breath of light to this movie was Clare Kramer, her acting was solid and her role was believable. I love vampire folklore and I like vampire movies that stick to traditional vampire tales and this one did for the most part but honestly on a side note I do not believe that a vampire covering up with a blanket would protect them from sunlight and yes I did see some flesh exposed that didn’t fry.

We gave this movie 4 out of 10 Liked that it stuck to traditional vampire folklore for the most part but the producers over use of blood and inability to create a fully original story did not impress.