July 26, 2021

T- Virus Research

After watching the final instalment of The Resident Evil franchise, I have now become obsessed¬† with the ideology of super viruses and biological weapons. I mean what better way to make a fortune and really get your name out there than making a virus that can bring dead cells back to life (Well almost). Over the past few years we have seen many cases where viruses and synthetic drugs have caused Zombie like states in people. One of the most publicized and horrific cases of people becoming Zombie like was the introduction of synthetic drug; bath salts. Bath salts are a collection of synthetic drugs which got their name from looking exactly like traditional bath salts such as Epsom salt but are far more dangerous. Bath salts can be snorted, ingested, smoked and injected and really hit media attention during the “Miami Cannibal attack” in 2012. During this attack Rudy Eugene viciously attacked and brutalized an innocent man, ripping at his flesh and literally biting chunks out of him. After this horrific attack Eugene was dubbed “The Miami Zombie”. The attack obviously left the victim maimed but this was no Zombie attack, this was just the misuse of unregulated controlled substances.

So we know that the misuse of drugs is probably never going to cause the world to have a Zombie apocalypse, so what about bio chemical weapons. Most of the weapons possessed by the Worlds super powers right now are nuclear, We hear about the possibility of nuclear war almost every day in the media. We know that North Korea, Japan, Russia and the Good old USA all have a huge stockpile of Nuclear weapons and we also know that if the world ever found it in a nuclear war situation that it would pretty much be the end of the world. If 3 nukes were fired simultaneously at least 75% of the worlds population would be affected by the immediate explosions that followed and the rest of the world would be killed by the following nuclear radiation, our planet would become completely inhabitable and all life would just pretty much cease to exist. It is pretty safe to say that nuclear fallout also probably would not cause a Zombie outbreak. So then what…….

I figure that filmmakers and the developers of the Resident Evil Franchise may well have actually stumbled upon something when they put into their games and movies that the most likely cause of a Zombie outbreak would in-fact be through a virus that the human immune system could not naturally fight off. In both the movies and games the T-Virus or Tyrany Virus was a neurological virus that could reanimate dead cells and gave the person who contracted the virus Zombie like qualities. The Virus was typically spread from the saliva or bodily fluids of it’s victims who then lost all control of their own bodies and essentially just became killing machines. So where have we seen this type of outbreak before. The bubonic plague was a particularly brutal disease that originated in Europe and was predominantly spread by infected animals, the disease caused flesh to die and was a widespread bacterial infection, this is probably the first widespread epidemic recorded and the infection killed millions, it did not turn people to Zombies but it is evident that the Plague was proof that this type of virus can be very detrimental to a population. Over the years there have been many diseases and viruses that essentially have no cure, take HIV for example, no cure; with this disease your life can only be extended through medication. Like the (Fictional) T-Virus HIV shares a few¬†characteristics with probably the biggest being the fact that you contract both diseases through transfer of bodily fluids; scary right. It is possible that the original developers of Resident Evil used this atrocious disease as a basis for their virus. The other disease that could be closely linked with this is Ebola. Ebola is also transferred by fluids of the infected, mainly blood and semen and is a particularly vicious virus that shuts down the lungs and kidneys and can spread incredibly quickly. Ebola was discovered in 1976 but resurfaced again in West Africa in 2014, there is no cure and an outbreak of this disease could wipe out an entire nation.

So is it possible that something is secretly in development by the World’s various governments? It is proven that there is no greater threat to humankind than that which we can’t see. If you were to attack a civilizations water supply or release a bio agent into the air that they breathe you would completely wipe them out and they would be none the wiser. A silent killer. So it is perfectly plausible that someone, somewhere, is developing a virus that could be used as a weapon and possibly threaten human existence; I mean we would never know. However I do feel that even for the most avid of conspiracy theorists a Zombie Virus would be very far fetched but never count out the possibility when spoilt little rich kids with to much money hold all the power.