July 26, 2021

The new Slenderman?

Earlier today I happened to stumble upon a new internet sensation that is now being blamed for the suicides of two teens in Colombia. The internet meme simply known as Momo has now become a dangerous game among kids. The kids are encouraged to add a Whats-app account that claims to be Momo and even uses this terrifying image as their profile pic.

The premise of this new internet game is that you add the account and you will get messaged back with a variety of different challenges to complete with the last one being suicide. People who have played this have reported receiving strange phone calls and sometimes grotesquely disturbing images to their cell phone and this new craze has rapidly gone viral.


At Regoregitated Media we are all about the scare but this stuff is real and we want to warn parents of the dangers that their children can be exposed to online. You should for sure be monitoring their Internet use and make sure that these fictional characters are not used for real world evil! I have decided to do some more research into this and will post my results to the site in a couple of days.