July 27, 2021

University gets Horror Icon Archives

If you are planning on attending University to become the next great Horror genre screenwriter then there is only one place on earth that you should be looking to attend right now. University of Pittsburgh have just been handed the whole Archive of Horror legend George A Romero. The manuscripts are available to both current students and faculty to observe, so if you manage to get on a program there you are able to browse this fantastic archive at your leisure, surely giving you a huge insight into the craft of screenwriting. This collection even boasts an annotated copy of “Night of the Living Dead” complete with a foam latex zombie head. The University is planning on becoming a center for Horror genre study and with this great addition I am sure they will easily pull off this plan. George A Romero had ties to the city as he moved there in 1950 to study graphic art and got his first break shooting commercials there. Sadly he passed in 2017 but this is surely a fitting tribute to the Horror icon.