July 27, 2021

Yagher selling original Chucky Props

If you are a Horror fan then we are fairly sure that you are at least familiar with the name Kevin Yagher. Kevin has worked in the Horror industry for over 30 years and has worked on both Tales from the crypt and Starship Troopers with his company Yagher Productions but possibly his most iconic creation to date is that of the original look for cult icon; Chucky.

Now Yagher is offering fans and collectors  the opportunity to own some of his most unique and interesting creations from throughout his caree rvia his online store.  You can purchase the wide-ranging selection of puppets, latex masks, and fake limbs that have been made available for purchase if you’ve got the money to burn.

Among the interesting items available for sale are several original fake heads and masks used during the filming of Tales From the Crypt, like one worn by Rita Wilson in Season 3’s “Mournin’ Mess” and a facial skin worn by Jon Lovitz in “Top Billing,” which also aired in Season 3. Props for sale from the Child’s Play franchise include a melted Chucky display from Child’s Play 2 and an oversized Chucky mask from Bride of Chucky.

If you are a collector of Horror antiquities as I am this is really worth a look to add some real value to your collection. To check it out follow the link below:

Kevin Yagher Productions